Problem: your staff are inexperienced in the wind energy industry and have not studied wind energy technology. You want them to be more capable of making key decisions, negotiating credibly and evaluating external assessments but you do not have the in-house experience or resources to train up your staff.

Solution: Leave it to me. I can offer tailor-made in-house seminars in order to help you build up your competence sustainably. My seminars are based on the following modules*:


*WTG = Wind Turbine Generator

Choose the focus and length of your seminar yourself and contact me for a first meeting (no obligations) or for a quote! The seminars can take place at an external location or online, in English or German.


I also prepare tailor-made in-house talks for you on other topics, such as:

  • Social acceptance and environmental factors in wind energy
  • How to calculate Annual Energy Production in your business case
  • Technical factors relating to your risk analysis
  • Strategies for optimising your wind farm operation
  • Wind energy - state-of-the-art technology
  • Etc.


I am an ISO qualified Business Coach and provide you with individual one-on-one coaching or group coaching regarding any technical topic of wind energy.