Last week we at HSR organised a visit to the Calanda wind turbine in Haldenstein - the biggest wind turbine in Switzerland!

First of all, an exciting tour around and inside the wind turbine was lead by Robert Giger, the former mayor of Haldenstein. Unfortunately, we were not allowed to climb up the wind turbine due to safety reasons (for me doing that, you’ll have to check out this video). The dimensions were still impressive though - and we managed to choose a nice windy day so the turbine was in full action. It was also surprising - even though I know that wind turbines are not noisy - how quiet the wind turbine was compared to the surrounding traffic and building site noise.

After the tour, I gave a presentation about my career and shared some things I have learned on the way. Then we played a “truth or lie“ game by examining various controversial statements about wind energy. This got us all thinking about wind energy efficiency, acceptance, economic benefits and climate change in general. I hope we managed to inspire the girls to choose a technical and/or renewable energy related career!


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